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sarawak triathlon 2010 - miri

Sunday, 31st October 2010. This was my first triathlon race in Miri, Sarawak. It was a very good race eventhough they changed the swim from Channel swim to Open Sea Swim which a had BIG wave.

PA310425 PA310427


The wave was BIG !!!!

PA310438 PA310442



My swim time was around 31 minutes for a 1500m. It was a 2 lap swim

PA310476 PA310489

Sharif in Blue T1 8:29am

Ahmad Fathi at T1 8:32am


PA310497 PA310503



Hj Osli (Hj Tukuk) with 2 minutes behind me managed to overtake me during the bike leg but I managed to overtake him during the running leg.

PA310519 PA310530




Zaeidi the last 5 swimmers coming to T1. 7 minutes behind Hamsul, 15 minutes behind me, 18 minutes behind Ahmad Fathi and 31 minutes behind the first swimmer.  Zaeidi managed to overtake Hamsul during the bike leg with total bike time of around 1:08 hours. My bike time was around 1:14 hours. I was worried Zaeidi might overtake me and I keep on looking back. 15 minutes was good enough to stay away from him.

PA310600 PA310612



Zaeidi managed to cut down the time from 15 minutes to 7 minutes but that is all he could do. He did not managed to overtake me during the running leg. My running time was 47 mins for a 10km run. My total time was 2:39:41 hours

I’m really satisfied with my performance. Didn’t get beaten by Zaeidi. Had a good swim, average bike time and a very good run.

My training mostly concentrated more on running since I’m doing the Kinabalu Climbathon ( which was 1 week earlier) and luckily I didn’t get injured.

Running 7 days a week, swimming 3 days a week and  Cycling 1 day a week.

my run

Picture of the day – Courtesy of

In Triathlon world, you cross the finish line not by swimming or cycling but by RUNNING to the finishing line – I read this from a Triathlon Magazine.

Keep on training………………………………

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