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Week 44 & week 55 - 01/11/10 - 14/11/10

Week 44
Monday - rest
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - rest
Friday - morning run 3.66km
Saturday -morning swim
Sunday - rest

Week 45
Monday - morning run 4.49km
Tuesday - morning run 2.20km
Wednesday - morning run 4.01km and after work UF at JP
Thursday - morning run 1.74km
Friday - morning run 7.59km and after work Ultimate Frisbee training at SM Berakas field
Saturday - morning hill training - 10X bukit Salilah (4km)
Sunday - morning 1.75km run

After 1 week of recovery of doing nothing, I've started my training this week. I've started running and will continue to run everyday until 5th December - Bukit Shahbandar Challenge. My target is to improve my time and if possible to get a better ranking/position.

This year they change the categories. Elite Categories (National), Amateur Categories and Age Groupers. I've decided to join the age groupers rather than joining the Amateur categories (open to all AGE). In my categories, I'm the youngest and that means I have the advantage of being young and faster. I just wish those in my group are not as fast as I am. Keep on dreaming..............that will not happen.

Keep on training.......................aiming for podium finish (There is no harm in being too ambitious)

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