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Week 46 - 15/11/10 - 21/11/10

Monday - afternoon 4.53km run
Tuesday - afternoon 5.23km run
Wednesday - morning brisk walk 30mins uphill
Thursday - rest
Friday - Morning 5km run
Saturday - morning trail run 4.60km at Tasek Lama
Sunday - DST Cycling for charity 55km

After 3 weeks of no cycling, the Sunday charity ride was a very exhausting. 55km in 2hours 38mins. I need to start cycling again if not it will get harder and harder to get into shape.

My run are mostly below 7km and not much improvement. I think I wouldn't be able to do Singapore Marathon. I don't want to injured myself. I can finish the race but in pain BUT again it is less than 2 weeks, I might do it.

Actually, I did not registered for the Marathon but I have one friend who is not going, so I might just use his BIB.

Keep on running......................

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