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2nd energizer night race sepang malaysia 2011


Event Energizer Night Race 2011
Time & Date Saturday, 7:40pm, 16th April 2011
Venue Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia
Categories 42km, 21km, 11km & 5.5km Men & Women
Closing Date 1st March 2011
Maximum Entries 10,000 runners
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Malaysia has 2 night race. The other race is Putrajaya Night Race. For the 2nd edition of the Energizer Night Race, they have change the venue to Sepang International Circuit – THE F1 circuit. You have to run in loops. 5 loops outside the circuit and 1 loop inside the circuit – for 42km category.

My advice if any of Brunei runners want to join the race, take the AirAsia flight on Saturday morning, 9:30am 16th April 2011 arriving at 11:45am and check in at Hotel Tune KLIA-LCCT Airport, run the race at 7:40pm and finish the race and go back to Brunei taking the early flight of 6:45am, Sunday 17th April 2011 and by 9:05am you are already in Brunei and have time to attend a wedding ceremony (IF you have an invitation) or take the last flight at 1:10pm. This arrangement is good for those not working on Saturday. You don’t have to take any leave, just permission to leave the country

The overall costs would be around

Registration Fees for 42km RM75
AirAsia Ticket (as of 21st Dec 2010) BND 142 ~ RM338
Hotel Tune KLIA-LCCT RM117.04
Other Expenses & Transportation ~ RM200
Total Cost RM730 ~BND306


April 2011 is around 4 months time and if you save $100 a month, you are ready to go or better since BONUSes for Government servants and for some private companies are coming soon, keep around BND350 for the above expenses. If you are going in a group, hotel expenses can be divided in halves for 2 person in a room and transportation fees can be shared also.

So, think about it, Singapore Sundown Marathon is expensive and this is cheaper and at the same time you got a free Energizer headlamp when you register for the race.

Keep on running……………….

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