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Panaga Triathlon 12/10/14
Sarawak Triathlon 19/10/14

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good bye 2010. welcome 2011

This year, I’ve done a lot of cycling race compared to running but nothing to be proud of my cycling. The improvements are not much compared to my running.

To improve in cycling, need to invest alot in TIME. Spend more time on the saddle paddling 3 to 5 hours will surely improve the endurance and speed. Spend more on the MONEY will get the best bike gear but not yet guaranteeeeeed to be faster.

To summarize these year 2010 activities

International Events Borneo Marathon
Sundown Singapore Ultramarathon
Kinabalu Climbathon
Miri Triathlon
PBC Duathlon Miri
Local Events (Running) Keriam Half Marathon 21km
7th Bukit Shahbandar Challenge
Local Events (Triathlon) 31st Panaga Triathlon
Cabaran Belait
Local Events (Cycling) 120Km Road Race
31.4km Time Trial
70km TelBru Race
9th PSK MTB & Criterium
87km Telbru Race
Local Events (Ultimate Frisbee) Ultimate Frisbee Tournament Kuala Belait
Local Events (Cycling XPDC) World Habitat Day
Cycling To KB
HSBC Cycle For Smarter
Ride Of Silence
DST Cycling XPDC
Anakpanyu Event XPDC to Labuan


Next Year 2011 International activities – Pending For Approval From ‘HOME’ affair

International Events Aviva Ironman 70.3 Singapore (March) - approved
Energizer Night Run, KL (April)
Borneo Marathon (May)
Powerman Malaysia (Nov)
Miri Triathlon (Nov)
Penang Bridge Marathon (Nov)
Ironman Langkawi – unconfirmed event


If the activities need to be scale down, then after AVIVA, it is Powerman Malaysia and Miri Triathlon.

For local events, Iess bicycle, more on running since cycling need a lot of time to train. Honestly saying, bicycle race is very hard compared to running.

First I’m a runner, then a cyclist = Triathlete.

Keep on training…………………………………….

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