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Panaga Triathlon 12/10/14
Sarawak Triathlon 19/10/14

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1st Week of 2011

Saturday 01/01 – Year end, midnight, early morning run 5km
Sunday 02/01 – 100km bike ride
Monday 03/01 – afternoon 7km run
Tuesday 04/01 -  rest
Wednesday 05/01 – morning 5km run and afternoon bike ride
Thursday 06/01 – lunch swim
Friday 07/01 – morning cycling
Saturday 08/09 – Morning 9km run
Sunday 09/09 – Morning 60km bike ride

Been trying to build up endurance for the bike race in Miri this coming Saturday. Hopefully I can keep up with the pack coz its gonna be a fast 90km race. Most probably it would take around 2:15 hours for the winner to cross the finish line if his average speed is 40km/h or maybe faster than that.

This race is also part of my preparation for the AVIVA Ironman 70.3 in Singapore this coming March. I’m also slowly building up my swim and run endurance. Hopefully I’ll be ready by March

I’ve also registered for another event which have been approved by the ‘HOME’ minister. If I have time, I’ll attend the practice session, if not I just rely on my fitness. What event? ………… announcement after I’ve made the payment for the event.

Keep on training.

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