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January training 2011

Swim - 9km

Bike – 539.9km

Run – 76.4km

Brick  - None

Ultimate Frisbee – 3X a week

February target – swim – 20km, Bike – 800km  and Run - 100km

Again and again and again, I’ve told myself to put more effort and distance in the training. 46 days to go and if berterusan macam ani, gerenti sakit masa belumba ni.

But no worry I still have time to practice.

Other than training for Aviva 70.3 Singapore, I’m also training for the Ultimate Frisbee tournament in KK, Sabah which will be held on 20th February 2011. Triathlon (swimming, cycling and running) is my sport but Ultimate Frisbee is my hobby. Last year I didn’t play that much but this year I’m hoping to play as much as possible.

Keep on training………….

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