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Week 10 - 07/03/11 - 13/03/11

Monday - afternoon cycling 30.48km
Tuesday - morning run 5km and afternoon bike 29.46km
Wednesday - lunch swim 1100m
Thursday - lunch swim 1500m
Friday - morning 6km run
Saturday- morning brick work 73km bike and 41mins run
Sunday - flying off to Singapore

7 more days to Aviva. Wohoooo.....this is going to be fun and for sure its going to hurt. My last brick work 73km bike and after that the 41mins run, it hurts so much, I almost got a cramped. I know that if you got a cramp that means you're training is still not enough. So my training is still not enough. What to do, i don't have time anymore, so lets hope for miracle

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