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More and More and More local races

I guess most of you have notice that since January up until now, a lot of races have been organized and sometime 2 races in a month. So far the race that have been organized were;

  1. 1st 5km youth run
  2. 2nd 5km youth run
  3. National Day 10km Run
  4. HSBC WalkRunCycle Charity
  5. Tasek Merimbun Race
  6. Mukim Serasa Race
  7. Bukit Markucing Challenge
  8. ?????

Coming up races are;

  1. 3rd 5km youth run
  2. SCB Charity Run
  3. BIBD Charity Run
  4. Bukit Mentiri Challenge
  5. Sosro 10km run
  6. Olympic Day run
  7. B. Shahbandar Challenge
It seems that this year, the Government and Private Companies including the village heads are taking extra steps in ensuring that everyone are doing healthy things. One way is by doing running events either for fun, competition, charity and etc. Hopefully it will continue until the end of the year. I can see a lot of people have taken interests in running now since it is becoming more enjoyable and do-able.

I can say that most of us Bruneians like shorter races. Anything longer than 15km will have less participation. We prefer 5km to 10km. Short and Fast. To attract more participation, fun run should also be included because it will encourage runners of less abilities to join.

For the organizer, you have to remember this. The more we pay for our registration, the more in return should we receive. We pay $5, we get a bottle of mineral water. We pay $30, then we should get more and a better well organized managed event than the $5 event. Ada faham kah !!!

Sometimes 'kampong' event are more organize than the 'BIG' glamorous event eventhough their registration fee is just only $5. Why is that? fikir lah sendiri. This has happened a few years back. 'BIG' prize money, posters and advertisement everywhere, international participation but in the end the event was totally unorganize. Late distribution of numbers, runners cheating because no marshall and many more.

I would like to see in the near future an event organize by 'A Runner For A Runner'. In Malaysia and Singapore, they already have events where it is organize by the runners itself. Of courselah these runners must have participated races locally and internationally more they can count with their fingers before they can organize an event which has the touch and feel of a runner for a runner. Kalau ganya ikut dua tiga kali fun run 5km local event, kan organize international event, my advice jangantah, hancur saja karang. Memalukan diri sendiri dan negara sendiri. Join the run competitively (NOT FUN run), volounteer for the event, assist the event and then you organize and managed your own event. Baru ada Ooommph!!!

One more thing, do you runners ever notice usually after the event, as always what type of food do they serve for the invited guests (usually no food for the runners)? Delicious oily fatty foods (mee goreng, nasi lemak, cucur cucuran, ayam goreng). That is totally unbalanced healthy way of life. The term 'A healthy way of life' means exercising for a healthy body and mind and eating a well balanced healthy food. A sporting event should be serve with healthy food such as fruits, sandwiches, fresh juice, suger-less drink and etc even if it is for the invited non-running guests. WE run, YOU eat healthy food.

Think Think ting...........................empty can.


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