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Pictures taken from Anakpanyu, Bobby Chin II and Kamal Abdullah

The event was held on Sunday, 26th June 2011 at Brunei Shell Recreational Club (BSRC), Panaga, Seria. 8 teams registered for the tournaments. 1 from Miri, 3 from BSB and 4 from KB.

Ali and me, we joined the team UIA Alliance which was divided into two – EAST and WEST. Actually our plan was to sent only one BIG team but the rule says that maximum number of players per team was limited to 15, so we have to be divided into 2 groups with each team around 12 to 13 players.


The game started 30 minutes late due to everyone was coming in late. I was in the UIA Eastern (Yellow Jersey) and Ali was in the UIA Western (Green Jersey).

 IMG_1907Me 2

Both teams have high hopes of getting at least top 3 finishes and it would be great if we could beat BUF - (the strong team)

 IMG_1911 IMG_1958

The UIA Western was in the same group with BUF (the while and blue jersey) and they didn’t managed to beat BUF. They were too strong.


Team members supporting by the sidelines.


 IMG_1965 ali

 IMG_1952IMG_1955IMG_1968 IMG_1959 

Leg cramped were common by afternoon where everyone was tired and the sun was high.


In the end of every game, everyone get to be in a group hug and say your peace.

Me 1 IMG_1953 IMG_1981  IMG_1984

Even though, the game started late but it finished on time before 3pm. The winner was BUF and 2nd place was Miri (last year Champion), 3rd place was Roadrunner. UIA Western 4th place and UIA Eastern 5th.

Some of the team members taking group photos

  IMG_1919 IMG_1961

U.I.A. stands for UBD, ITB, Anakpanyu.


The Ultimate Sports – Swim, Bike, Run, Ultimate 

Ultimate !!!……………………………..

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Zumi said...

Hello, I had a great time reading your interesting post regarding KB ULTIMATE FRISBEE TOURNAMENT 2011. It seems that they really enjoyed the moment. Is there updates please? Big thanks.