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SOSRO 10K RUN – the reports


Some of the pictures qualities are not good.

Sunday, 3rd of July 2011. The race started around 7:15am and it was a very very hot day. The participations were huge partly because of the prizes.

1st 10 runners get B$500

1st 100 runners get 2 cartons of Sosro products


The organizer made it compulsory to wear the event t-shirt (it was a cotton t-shirt not a dri-fit), so if you sweat a lot or pour water on it, it becomes heavier.

  P7030786 P7030794

The front runners mostly the Brunei Elite runners and the second pictures are the chasers


I saw a few cyclists on that day turn up and becomes a runner. Well done guys !!!




My running was really bad on that day. I was running at a pace around 6:15min/km. Slow running. A bit tired, no energy and the fitness is not that well………up to the standard. Even though I’m slow, I didn’t stop running. I just keep on running.

 3 runners

These 2 guys managed to beat me. They overtake me at Istana Edinburg. Wajdi managed to clocked 55 mins, Huzaimi 56 mins and I got 58 mins. I was happy that I managed to finish 10km run under 60 mins walaupun dengan fitness yang inda seberapa.


My brother, Aliuddin, he registered for the run but decided to take pictures.


Keep on running………………………………..

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