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17th Ramadhan

Today is the 17th Ramadhan 1432H (Thursday, 18th August 2011) and its a public holiday  - anniversary of the revelation of the Quran.

For the past few months, I have not done much on updating my weekly training – the usual 7 days a week of activities/training, how it felt, expectations and targets. I guess I don’t have the time anymore to update about myself to my webpage.

The only updates that I can still managed are the race results and reports and any upcoming events and these updates I usually do it in one go i.e. sometimes 2 or 3 updates in one time.

Its not that I don’t do anymore training – I’m still doing it. The time to update it is used to do something else – IPADing. You can say, I can use the IPAD to update on my activities but it is not the same as using the computers.

I have signed up for the 2nd Brunei Tasek Climbathon. The 1st Tasek Climbathon was in 2008 and I did not participated and I don’t even remember why I did not joined. It is still the same event management coordinator and hopefully they have learnt something from their first event. (Read This). But from the look of it lets just HOPE for the BEST not for the WORST.

I have done a couple of times training at Tasek Lama during this fasting month. At first I was just walking but now I’m doing the run/walk routine. My training usually start around 4:30pm and it took me around 1 hour to finish it. I have not tried the race route yet because it is still unclear/vaguely describe. Today I’m going to Tasek Lama again and maybe I’ll add a few more distance to it.

Just a reminder to those who are joining/participating, most probably the finishing area will be at 2 different locations depending on what categories you are doing. The finishing points, one at Tasek Lama parking area and the other one at Yayasan Complex. BE READY…………

Keep on running…………………………………………

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