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Christmas Labi Ride 2011

It was indeed a good ride today with Geotrax riders. Semuanya around 11 cyclists (3 anakpanyu and the rest from Geotrax)

We started our riding around 8:20am. Geotrax started from their shop in Lumut and met up with us as Sg Liang recreational park.

PC250740 PC250763

Most of the the time it was riding in group with a well maintained speed and everybody was well behave. It was a ‘happy ride’.

10km up and down the hill, we turn left to the new Kargu Dam – the new water dam for Belait District which is not yet fully operational.

PC250747 PC250748

Nonetheless, it was still riding up and down the hill and the good thing about it, there was no car here, so pretty much it was safe. 6.8km to the Kargu Dam.

PC250751 PC250753

A good place to do hill training. 6.8km in and 6.8km out again. 13.6km altogether. 2 to 3 laps should be enough.

PC250759 PC250761image

Taking a break around 10 minutes and enjoying the view. The dam is not full yet, still accumulating the water.

PC250765 PC250769

The journeys continues after the Kargu Dam to the Labi shop which was around 28km more. We rest, refill, unload and continue again riding back to the checkpoint at Sg Liang recreational park.

I was the first rider to be left behind at one of the hill and rode all the way alone for another 20km. The riders from Geotrax was fully fit and well trained by Reduan. Syabasss (malunya aku).





Keep on riding and for sure I will come again next year.

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