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It was indeed a successful rehearsal not just for the organizing committee but also for the duathletes to test their readiness for the competition.

Around 15 athletes showed up and most of it are the familiar faces. Those addicted to competitive racing even though it is just a test run.

The run started around 7am. The weather for that day was very good. nda jua panas, nda jua hujan. mendung sahajaaaa. The 1st run was a 5km run and everyone was in a good mood, no testing testing power. Everybody running in a group with a pace around 6min/km.

Then come the 50km bike ride. This was not a ‘santai’ ride. The ride started as a big group with a normal speed of 35k/h but as we reached Sg Akar highway, the speed just went up to 40 / 45k/h. So from start to end, the average speed was around 38km/h. It was fast crazy.

Then for the last run, it was everyone own pace. Most of us just did around 2.5km run (the actual run is 5km).

For me, the bike and the last run was in race pace mode and it feels good. I was in good condition. Hopefully during race day, it will be like this and hopefully better than this. No cramps.

Ready for the race……….. 

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