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This was last week and it was very enjoyable and a great experience.


Group photo of Brunei players after the matched. 5 UIA, 2 Vikings, 2 HYSMD and 1 neutral player. For RM60 registration we get a custom made tournament disc (Discraft brand), event t-shirt, food and drinks and the chance to play at least 4 games.

IMG_4404 IMG_4468

IMG_4506 IMG_4452

IMG_4449 IMG_4451

Injured but still happy – that’s the spirit !!!

IMG_4475 IMG_4547

Ali with his red team and me with my green team.

IMG_4472 IMG_4473

A hat tournament is an open tournament where players are divided into balanced teams taking into account player’s abilities of catching, throwing, defense and speed. In order to achieve this balance, participants are reminded to be honest with their abilities. Beginners are expected to put mostly 1’s into playing abilities but they could put higher scores in speed ‘cause they’re just freaking fast runners whereas more experienced players are expected to put higher scores in playing abilities but it could mean they’re slower runners. Brutal honesty of your scores enables more balanced teams and a highly enjoyable tournament experience! -

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