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Just the other day (Monday, 6th February 2012), the 3 of us went hiking from Tasek Lama, BSB to Tasek Sarubing, Kg Belimbing Subok.

06022012(001) 06022012(002)

It was raining heavily the night before and the small river was overfilled. Hopefully the trails will not be muddy and slippery. We started our journey around 6:40am

06022012(003) 06022012(004)

The small stream is now like a big river.


Since it was still early, it was still very much cold. This picture was taken from one of the hills. That building is the Ministry of Finance building and it can be seen that as if the building is above the cloud.

 06022012(008) 06022012(009)


‘YOU ARE HERE’ – one of the checkpoint. Bukit Laur. When you have reached here, this is considered the half way point between Tasek Lama and Bukit Markucing. The last time I was here, it was more than a year ago. Now, a lot of new trails/tracks/shortcut have been created which would cause some problems if trekkers don’t know how to follow the trail or no proper signage directing them where to go. 

06022012(012) 06022012(013)

Resting, taking pictures and enjoying the panoramic view.

06022012(014) 06022012(015)

Tasek Lama – Bukit Sarang Helang – Bukit Laur – Bukit Markucing – Tasek Sarubing in 2 hours 23 minutes with total distance of 7.44km.

Next project is to run from home to Tasek Lama which is around 8km and then continue from Tasek Lama to Tasek Sarubing – 7.44km and then from there run back home which is around 5km. A total of 20.44km which would take around 3 to 4 hours.

Keep on running…………………..

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