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My NEW Garmin 910XT


IMG_5145This was my first Garmin – Forerunner 301. I bought it 8 to 9 years ago. This fitness equipment has helped me a lot. This device had participated in KL Marathon – 21km, Singapore Marathon – 21km and a few local events.

The device no longer operational.




This is my 2nd Garmin that I bought in 2007/2008. Actually this is the 3rd. The 2nd Garmin was damaged during my triathlon swimming event. So I replaced the damaged Forerunner 305 with a recon Garmin Forerunner 305 which I have to pay at a discounted price. This device had participated in Hongkong Marathon – 21km, Sundown Ultramarathon 84km, Borneo Marathon 42km

The device no longer operational.


This is my latest Garmin – Forerunner 910XT. I bought it around 1 month ago. I have not yet fully tested the device. The swimming capabilities have not yet tried.





Comparison between the 3 devices. The designed and sizes are getting better and are wearable friendly

Suunto Ambit

My next project. Suunto Ambit. Design for Ultramarathoner. It has an outdoor mode of 50 hours with longer GPS tracking interval. Planning to buy it before the TMBT 100K in September.

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YO said...

wow! that Suunto looks pretty gnarly!