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The RUN – race report

It happened on Sunday, 8th July 2012, 6:00am. I arrived at the race venue around 5:30am and the warm up session have started and it was conducted by GetFit CrossFit (GFCF).

I still need to collect my bib number and chip since my registration with a few other runners (which was around 100++) did not received by the Organizer. It seems that there was a technical / miscommunication problems between the organizer and with one of the registration collection center. (The registration form was not returned back to the organizer).


The picture on the left show the chip tied to the shoes using a cable tie. I thought this type of chip was obsolete since nowadays organizers are using a disposable chip or chip embedded to the bib number. These eliminates the problem of collecting back the chip.

I guessed this is cheaper than using disposable chip.


DSC_0109 DSC_0110

Those runners at the back are the 12km runners and it was estimated to be around 1000++ compared to 200++ 21km runners. Reason was because ………………………….

DSC_0112 DSC_0113

The race started a few minutes after 6am and 4 of us started at the back of a 200++ runners. The planned was to take it easy and enjoy the run. The 4 was me, Zaeidi, Wajdi and atoi (his 1st half marathon).

553707_459427494081138_618368195_n DSC_0118 

Just strolling and walking happily from the back. The picture on the right is at one of the water checkpoint. Zaeidi (as seen on the picture) and me are carrying a 3 to 4kg backpack. We are training for our TMBT 100km ultra trail run. So practice bawa backpack with full load.

DSC_0116 DSC_0119

After roundabout Sg Akar, Zaeidi and me have to increase our pace because Wajdi and Atoi decided to ‘breakaway’ from us. We only managed to catch them near the Istana Edinburgh traffic light. I was too tired that I decided to do a walk/run afterwards.

194985_10150945476907424_651479914_o DSC_0120

Finishing the run in 2:35 hours. It wasn’t easy carrying a 4kg backpack. Need to practice more carrying it. It can be seen that Atoi was hurting. Luckily his mental was very strong and has that extra fitness to finish the run.





In summary, race day event was good. I guess everyone had fun. If they planned to do it next year, they would need to revise the fees. It is too expensive. HSBC and SCB are also doing it for charity and they can pull in huge number of participants (reasonable fees). Learnt from them.

They would need to improve on registration processes, race kit collections and running clinics. Hopefully next year it would be better.


YO said...

enjoy and relek ah kamu ah lol! i thought you guys were just recovering from RBAF

Dan said...

Interesting read, keep up the reports. Though, if you are doing the 100mile run, why not have a support car along the way, or cache water at selected points. 4kg will slow you down.