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Photos were from Pesta Santai Muara – 

The event was held last Sunday, 31st March 2013 at Pantai Muara. The race was held in conjunction with the 2nd Pesta Santai Muara 2013 and this race was held for the first time this year.

I was invited to organize and manage the race. With the help from few MTB friends, we managed to built and create the race route which was 50% hard sand and 50% loose sand.


Group Photo before the race. Around 29 cyclists turned up for the challenge.

903119_347752238678613_1128730873_o 904367_347274705393033_279077330_o

Before the race, a small briefing was done. Veteran 3 laps, Novice 5 laps and Elite 7 laps of 1.17km. Originally my plan was 5, 7 and 10 laps respectively of each category but since the difficulty level is exhausting, so I reduce it.

906484_347276165392887_1241764187_o 883474_347281788725658_1949098466_o

The start of the race. Everyone was still in one group. 500 meter sprint before the 1st turn to the loose sand. Pictures on the right – Brunei very own cycling coach – Yafiz Jamaluddin joinig the race.

901379_347279275392576_1556835912_o 882233_347286365391867_1196206249_o

One of the obstacles, crossing the logs and after that pushing the bicycles on very loose sand.

885128_347286538725183_1065774190_o 895011_347274565393047_1841946154_o

Families of Anakpanyu doing the laps counting.

904004_347752348678602_1832648081_o 882926_347278878725949_1554839273_o

Right pictures – Winner of Elite/Open Category.

906983_347286552058515_205131454_o     902855_347278802059290_1302384190_o

Left Pictures – Winner of Veteran Category and Right Pictures – Winner of Novice Category     

 483669_10200834103194188_1680623884_n 543136_10200834301599148_1084322353_n

Novice riders finishing the race and truly exhausted. Zaeidi of Anakpanyu receiving 3rd prize trophy from the Head Village of Muara with me at the background. 


Next year, if I were given again the opportunity to organize the race, I would extend the distance around 3 to 5km per loop.

Once again, Thank you to the Head Village of Kg Muara, Pg Hj Mohammad Pg Hj Osman and Hj Hashim Hj Muhammad for inviting me to organize the race.

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