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Race Reports From January to November 2013



Standard Chartered Brunei Run – 7th April 2013

Ali and me participated in the 10km category and we did it just for the fun of it. We finished the race in 1:03:00 hours and we were wearing jeans.

Xterra Malaysia – 27th / 28th April 2013

The only triathlon event I joined this year. I participated in the sprint and full distance. Ali participated in the Xterra Trail Run while Zaeidi participated in the full distance.

459193_10151431356487424_4436196_o3639_10200980886583681_963863846_n 920849_10151548158069235_2108016654_o  524779_10151431353837424_599362639_n


Malar Setia Mountain Bike Challenge – 27th May 2013

The first Mountain Bike race of the year organized by Brunei Darussalam Cycling Federation and sponsored by Malar Setia. It was held at Berakas Forestry Reserve. 3 Categories – Downhill, Cross Country Olympic (XCO) and Cross Country Short Circuit (XCC).

IMG_7491 IMG_7513

Malar Setia MTB - Cross Country Short Circuit (XCC) Final

Malar Setia MTB - Cross Country Olympic (XCO) Final


Tutong MTB XC Race – 7th July 2013

Not much information on this except Ali managed to win 1st place in the Novice Category.


August 2013

BCC Labi Road Race – 25th August 2013

Pre Race preparation for the National Road Race. I’ve participated in the race and due to congestion at the 1st U-turn, I was left behind and didn’t managed to catch the peloton. So I rode it alone all the way until I saw them coming in the opposite direction, I joined them. So I was considered Did Not Finish the race. Johan was also doing the same thing.



September 2013

Brunei National Road Race GP Series II – 1st September 2013


Managed to finish the 137km road race within the time limit and I was very satisfied with my performance. Rank 40th out of 44 finishers. 42 cyclists did not finish the race. The only National race that I joined this year.

Rank Name Time
14 Mohamad Aliuddin 3:49:00
19 Zaeidi Hj Berudin 3:49:01
28 Johan Foray 3:49:36
30 Reza Faizal 3:50:20
40 Baharudin 4:02:16
6 Anakpanyu Cycling Team  


October 2013

BCC Team Time Trial – 20th October 2013

Team Time Trial organized by Belait Cycling Club (Geotrax) and held at Kg Lumut and Seria ByPass Highway. 25 Teams registered and we managed to get 4th Place. We weren’t actually trying to win the race. The strategy was not to drop any team members and I was the weaker link. I wasn’t performing well on that day. so they have to slow down the speed just for me to keep up.


Team Time Trial Overall Result


Powerman Malaysia – 27th October 2013

This is our 4th time we participated in Powerman Malaysia. 2 events in Sri Manjung Perak and the other 2 in Putrajaya Malaysia.

Rank Name Run 1 Cycle Run 2 Total Time
69 Zaeidi 0:56:00 1:57:28 1:25:26 4:24:09
81 Bahar 0:57:42 2:04:33 1:20:30 4:27:25
126 Ali 1:09:18 1:52:47 1:31:17 4:39:45




November 2013

Tour De Bintan – Gran Fondo Challenge 82km – 9th November 2013

BIBD Cycling Club – A total of 6 cyclists and 4 Officials participated in the Tour de Bintan in Gran Fondo Challenge 82km category. It is a kind of a recreational ride at your own speed. It was a very good experience. Even though it wasn’t a race but we treat it like a race and break away from the start.  3 of the cyclists got top 10 – 3rd, 5th and 9th (me)



3rd LOF Cycling Challenge – 17th November 2013

This was by far the biggest achievement of the year. Ali Nordin and Johan got 3rd and 4th place respectively in their ELITE categories and for TEAM Categories we got 2nd place. We were beaten by G530 TJ just by 2.318 seconds.


Overall Rank Categories Rank Name Categories
6 3 Mohamad Aliuddin Elite
8 4 Johan Foray Elite
26 20 Zaeidi Hj Berudin Elite
35 8 Nathan Watson Master
44 32 Reza Faizal Elite
52 37 Ahmad Fathi Elite
2 2 Anakpanyu Cycling Team Team

LOF TEAM Page 1 of 2

BIBD CE Alaf Marathon and Half Marathon – 23rd and 24th November 2013

I was selected 1 of the 25 runners to represent the 1st BIBD CE ALAF 42km Marathon NIGHT run. All of us had 8 weeks to prepare for the Marathon and for me I have to put extra work since I didn’t do much of any kind of short or long run.

For the first 4 weeks, my training program was consistent and after that due to my other activities such as BCC Team Time Trial, Powerman Malaysia and Tour de Bintan – my run was somehow affected.


BIBD 42 1 BIBD 42 2

How I ran my marathon. Since it is not a race and I’m planning to do the half marathon run at 5:45am, I’ve decided to take it easy – run/walk strategy.


From the beginning I have planned to do run/walk routine and to finish my race within 5:30 hours and my results are not that far. I believed that I can do sub 5 hours if I just keep on running because I know my fitness is good for sub 5 but since I’m doing the half marathon afterwards, I‘ve decided just to take it easy. 


My half marathon time was very slow. I was among the 10 bottom runners. I was still doing the run/walk routine.


Overall I managed to do 42km and 21km with 2 hours break in between. Another ULTRA. 42km + 21km = 63km

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