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Events I have signed up !!!

Previously, I have signed up for Xterra Teaser Event – 22km Night Trail Run, 2XU Compression Marathon Run and Twilight 16 hours Ultra Run.

Up to date I have signed up a few events and mostly it is a new event being introduced this year.

1. Performance Sportz Duathlon at Kota Kinabalu – 26th January 2014

2. Labuan Duathlon – 16th February 2014

3. MTSSR Triathlon, Brunei – 9th March 2014

4. Penang Ultra Marathon – 100km – 6th/7th September 2014

5. BCC Team Time Trial at Sg Liang/Labi. – 24th February 2014

I’ve signed up for Penang Ultra Marathon 100km because it fall exactly on my birthday and what a better way to celebrate my birthday with an Ultra run. Hopefully I can finish it without to much pain – physically and mentally.

The training  of course, I have to do it also during fasting month which I really don’t like it.

Somehow with all these new events being introduced, it disrupt my plan which is doing only running for the 6 months and the last 6 months bicycle race.

One thing for sure, I intend to do Tour de Bintan – bicycle race in November again. This time I’m going to do the Gran Fondo double challenge which is 150km day 1 and 107km day 2 and if I’m confident I will join the race – Category 3. Last year I did the Gran Fondo Challenge 82km. It was a good experience but a lot of it was a waste of time cause I’m use to do ‘Touch and Go’ event which is You Fly, do the event and go back. But for this, Fly, ride, rest 2.5 days, go back.

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